Autumnal Inspirations

What do I love about August? The sun the warmth (when we have it that is) well there is that and theres also the fact that all the autumn fashions start appearing in the shops (or at least the lookbooks online). In my opinion August/September/October is the best time to buy clothes, its the small gap when clothes are sensible between the startling brights of the summer and before the christmas party wear appears (you know what I mean, come November the shop windows are going to be full of satin party dresses in black, emerald green and purple – great for partying but not for waiting for a bus or walking in the park)

So back when the clothes started sneaking into the shops i started making some collages of the things i really loved. Colour themed of course… and a girl can always dream of diamonds

Cookbooks (, Pink Saphire Ring (, Dresses on models (, Converse trainers (, Bunny Jumper & Pauls Boutique bag (, Skirts (, Ruby band ring (

Floral Dress ( – alas they sold out before i could get it), Saphire ring (, Earings (, Tourmaline ring (, Shirt dress (, Shift dress (, 40’s dress (, Redhead model dresses (

Pink Skirt (, Dress (, PVC skirt on model (, Others (


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